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In response to the uncertainties presented by Covid-19, many companies have asked their non-essential employees to work remotely. Working out of the office and separated many employees and their managers from each other for the first time. Although it is always preferable to establish clear remote-work policies and training in advance, in times of crisis […]
Lessons from lockdown- working from home

Lessons from lockdown- working from home

What I find interesting is that due to the lockdown situation we have been forced to allow people to work from home. I have recently done my first training intervention online using Zoom, something that I have always been sceptical about. Due to little preparation time, I am sure it was not ideal for the […]
140	Books in my Audible Library that are worth reading for any serious business person

140 Books in my Audible Library that are worth reading for any serious business person

I read books. I have more than 140 books in my Amazon audible library. I have picked some of the insightful ones which I think are worth reading. The advantage of using Amazon Audible is that I can use my idle time at home or when travelling to listen to these books. Some of these […]
20 Books that Changed my Life

20 Books that Changed my Life

One of the lessons I learnt very early in life is that most of the personal development should be self-driven. The majority of what I know as a Consultant is self-taught and experimentation in real life. I read lots of books. When on the road I  listen to one to two audiobooks. I use most […]
Work-life balance – how to improve your work-life balance

Work-life balance – how to improve your work-life balance

“No one on his deathbed ever said, ‘I wish I spent more time at the office” – Paul Tsongas Work-life balance describes dividing one’s time and energy between their work and the aspects of their personal lives. Achieving a work-life balance is challenging. At times, at can be difficult to make time for family, friends, […]
Is Psychometric Testing the Backbone of the Success of a Company

Is Psychometric Testing the Backbone of the Success of a Company

Introduction When many people hear the concept of Psychometric Testing they become confused or sceptical about using them. The biggest reason for this is probably because they do not understand what Psychometric Tests really are. When one is confused about something, trusting it is hard. Have you ever lost out on something big because you […]

How to make the workplace less stressful and more engaging

We all know that excessive stress is a health hazard. The effects of employee burnout in the workplace have been seen to affect business performance. Workplace stress has been seen to make people nearly three times as likely to leave their jobs, temporarily impairs strategic thinking and dulls creative thinking. Research has therefore shown that […]

These Are The Exciting Facts About Nudging In The Digital Era

Decision making is influenced by heuristics and biases. Heuristics are commonly known as “rules of thumb”. Heuristics influence how people make decisions by lowering the amount of information to be processed when dealing with recurring issues. One example of a heuristic is the status quo bias. This explains why people are more willing to favour […]

Board Performance Evaluation

Good corporate governance now calls on Boards to look at their own performance. I have perused a number of corporate governance codes and practices across the globe and all of them now encourage board performance evaluations. There are two main reasons why  these evaluations are crucial: It gives the board an opportunity to reflect on […]


Memory caught up with David Millner, a people analytics expert to discuss people analytics and its impact on business. MN: What is people analytics?  DM: People Analytics is the use of business and workforce-based data and analytic tools to identify insights on people that enable faster, more accurate, and more confident business decision-making. MN: What […]

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