Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd is your trusted business partner in dealing with all people related issues in your business that are stopping you from being more productive and highly profitable. To achieve this we customise all the solutions to your specific needs after carefully studying and understanding your unique situation. Our solutions are evidence based, driven by the desire to have objective facts contact us

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Productivity Measurement & Enhancement

Most executives and employees have the mistaken assumption that if you make a profit you are productive. Our experience show that this is not always the case. Executives who make decisions based on this mistaken assumption see their organisations coming from being profitable to the brink and in some cases bankruptcy Read More

Strategy Review & Formulation Facilitation

You will agree with us that strategy execution remains one of the top priorities for any successful business. Crafting a strategy alone does not guarantee you success. We work with businesses wanting to craft viable business strategies and ensuring that the strategy is executed. Read More

Employee Surveys

Organisations that periodically assess the perception of their employees tend to get the best leads in terms of employee engagement problems and how they impact on the business. Employees provide a rich sources of ideas that can help your organisation achieve its goals if only you periodically get their views through structured and scientifically valid surveys. We work with organisations wanting to harness the views of their employees through various surveys and aim to develop strategies to maximise the findings from these surveys for the benefit of their business.Read More

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